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I am officially asking for help. Zooanthids/Nudibranch Problem


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Is there a product or chemical to use to kill the 20 or so tiny nudibranch eating all of my zooanthids?


They are to small and there a too many to remove manually.


My tank is infested.


Please help fast. My zooanthids are disappearing before my eyes.

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I treated one of my tanks about ten days ago with Sailfert's to get rid of flatworms... in turn, it also appears to have taken care of the nudibranch problem as well.


Now, the remaining zoo's which had been closed up and disappearing for the past two weeks opened up and look almost as good as when I bought them. I would have tried the dip only method, however, im my case, the whole tank needed to be treated.

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i would just recommend taking as much out as you can and dip everything in temp/ph acclimated fw. add around 40 drops of lugols(there are directions on the bottle for using lugols as a dip) and add three drops of flatworm exit per gallon and let your zoos/live rock sit for 7-10 minutes(if you want, use a heater and powerhead to keep things up to par in the bucket) then vigorously shake the pieces back and forth in the water. repeat for the next few days with new dip. should take care of them all. worked well for me!!

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