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What to feed my Shrimp


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My 10 gal has now finished cycling and Im out to buy the start to my cleanup crew.


I was thinking of getting a couple snails, a crab and shrimp to start. My questions are:


1 What do I feed the shrimp? (Cleaner Shrimp)


2 Do I feed the crab and snails at all? and if so, what?


3 What type of crab and snail is best for a nano 10 gal?


4 Is the following too much bioload too fast:

2 to 3 snails (please recommend a type)

1 crab (please recommend a type)

1 cleaner shrimp


All and any help is appreciated! thanks again dudes!

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Shrimps and crabs should be able to find food on there on own in the live rock. But if you like you can add some tropical flakes every other day. My shrimps and crabs seem to enjoy it.

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my shrimp pretty much eats anything and everything i throw in the tank for my fish. cyclopeeze, sinking wafers, brine shrimp, flakes, homemade stuff, EVERYTHING, hes a pig. He will actually steal food from my green open brain

and they are constantly picking at the lr and ls

i wouldnt worry too much about what to feed them, also crabs are scavengers, the whole point is that they clean your tank

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You can also buy a small bag of frozen shrimp - smallest you can find. Every once in awhile I will slice a little sliver of meat off one of the shrimps and throw it in there. The cleaner shrimp, hermits, and other crabs will fight over it. That bag will last you forever.

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