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Limestone base rock?


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I would not suggest to do it... I always hear people say that it isnt right to take something that is naturally from a different environment, that you dont find in a reef.


Where did you get the limestone from? I know when I did a FW tank, I found tons of limestone rocks in Lake erie (limestone is naturally found in a lot of FW environments.) People were telling me it would be a risk to introduce them into a tank, because the rocks could have been introduced to pollution, and sometimes even boiling the rocks cant get rid of that.


With saltwater aquariums it is even more vital for prestine water quality, and no contamination.

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I have seen some on ebay that is from the Texas hill country that has interesting shapes. But what you say makes sense, with this hobby there is no reason to cut corners.


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it's ok as long as you know something about geology. what shaz obviously forgot is that many limestone beds were formed at the bottom of the ocean or from ancient reefs. do a search on reef central.com and you'll find lots of information about what you do and don't want as far as limestone goes.

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