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milky white film on new rock


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Hey group, newbie poster here. Couldn't find the answer to this scanning thru the forums.

I set up a new nano tank this weekend using some partially cured live rock, and now it's covered with patches of some milky white stuff that looks like cobwebs. Can anyone clue me in to what this is? I'm guessing it's just something rotting as the rock cures, LFS said they'd only had the rock about a week.


This is my second nano tank & 4th or 5th reef tank and I don't remember seeing anything like this before, but I've never used uncured rock either. TIA

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It could be one of those worms that live in a small, hard tube with two antennas comming out of it. It filter feeds and then spits up dirty cobwebs.... (i have some and they junk up my tank)

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Hey, I'm obviosly a newbie myself, and even before I put in my live-sand, all I had in the tank was plain sand, and a chunk of coral (that had been out of the water for some time), and I had a patch of the SAME milky white cobweb stuff. All I had in the SW tank at the time was a couple red crabs. Does anyone know exactly what this is?


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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

bacteria of some sort. my entire tank got covered with the stuff when starting my cycle, some of it turned red shortly there after (cyano) you can syphen it off the rocks, or redirect the flow of your water to blow it off the rock (and be collected in the filter)

i'd try and remove as much as possible, it spreads like crazy!

i used my hand to create enough of a current to get it off the rock.

seemed to be sufficating the lr.

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