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Coral Vue Hydros

Help me stock my tank with your vote!!


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Here's the deal. I have a Oceanic 37g cube with an orange and a black ocellaris in it. I want to put more fish in, but can't decide. Help a brother out, huh? Here are my thoughts on the items above.


1. I like pajama cardinals, but don't they eat shrimp like peppermints? Also, with 550 peak watts, will the tank be too bright for them? I understand they prefer low light.


2. I think that a little school of chromis would be neat, but is 4 or 5 of them too much bioload? Also, don't they require almost constant feeding?


3. I'm concerned that the size of the tank would make the goby/shrimp combo barely noticeable.


4. A wrasse seems neat, but could I put anything else in, or just one (or maybe a mated pair)?


5. Will a comet get big enough to eat the clowns or too big for this tank? That would blow. Also, same concern with light as #1. No point in having the fish if it is miserable in a cave all day.


6. Come up with something else exciting. ( I can't find a cherub angel in New Orleans, so that won't cut it. Think, people, think!



Thanks in advance.

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or 4-line...I think the 4-line looks better, but the 6-line is also very nice.


I just got a 6-line last night. here's my little guy:





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I looked at one tonight, but just couldn't decide. Oh, and thanks for your previous help with the orange and black ocellaris. The introduction went as planned, and they are still inseperable.

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3 Blue/Green Chromises would be cool. My friend has a 29 Gallon FOWLR that has about 5 or 8 of them, I can't remember. Personally, I think he is way over stocked, but what can I do? if you go with Chromises, go with odd Numbers.

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I have been leaning towards either the wrasse or the chromises. Would a wrasse eat ornamental shrimp? And what about the chromises feeding?

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