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Cultivated Reef

My 10g AGA Nano started on 3-30-04


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Thanks for viewing my thread on my most successful Nano to date! I love this tank. It's matured into a nice little tank.


The Specs:


10 AGA

100w Visi-Therm Heater set at 78f

Coralife 96w PC Quad

Aquaclear 301 Powerhead

Aquaclear 150 Refugium

Seaclone 100 Skimmer


Current Inhabitants:



1 Oscellaris Clown,

1 Maroon Clown,

1 Bicolor Blenny.


Inverts, etc:

1 Coral Banded Shrimp,

20+ Blue Leg Hermits,

3 Cerith Snails (1 has a clam that grew on it's back!),

2 Nerite Snails which make eggs all the time!,

1 Serpent Star

A HUGE population of Mysid shrimp numbering in the tens of thousands,

Many, Many, Many amphipods-- some even 1/2 inch long!

TONS of bristleworms (largest one is 8 inches long!)


Corals: Many Red and Purple/Blue Shrooms, Xenia Oblongata, 2 Trumpet coral heads, Many Hairy Shrooms that keep dividing, Green Star Polyps, Brown Star Polyps, Yellow Sun Polyps, Green and Brown Zoanthids. 1 BIG Finger Leather. Stony Corals on one of the live rocks which extend their polyps all the time.


I have a LOT of macro in this tank: Grape Caulerpa that keeps trying to overgrow the tank (I trade it to the LFS for supplies), Chaetomorpha which has become a home to 3 mushrooms and a gang of bristleworms, mysid shrimp, and Amphipods.


Well, as you can tell, this is a PACKED tank! I know I am overstocked for fish, but this trio has flourished and fattened in the tank. The tank has finally settled on a crowd.


The passed on, but not forgotten: 1 Cleaner Shrimp, Scooter Blenny, 1 Colt Coral (killed by a summer heatwave :( ) , 1 Porcelain Crab, 1 Three Stripe Damsel (when I first set it up--added too early)


Pics to follow..........

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Here's a set of before and after shots.


The first is when I first started the tank with some live rock to cycle it on 3-30-04..... The macro on that rock on the rock never went anywhere. The tons of macro came afterward!

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Originally posted by DarkMazda

how is 3 fish in the 10g? any major problems?


Nope! No major problems at all. As you can see by the fatality list, only 2 fish have ever died in the tank. (Knock on wood)


Continuing along, here's how the tank looks today:


EDIT: Ok, I'm a butthead and posted the wrong pic! That's my 29g!

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Originally posted by DarkMazda

how is 3 fish in the 10g? any major problems?



Nope! No major problems at all! Everyone is fat and eat like pigs. The Oscellaris sometimes picks on the Maroon, but nothing major happens. I think the Oscellaris is just asserting his dominance.


This is the tank as it looks today:

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Thanks for the compliments! :D


As far as water changes go, this tank evaporates QUICKLY and it is skimmed constantly with the Seaclone 100. So, and I know someone is gonne scream about this, I do NO water changes other than topping off, skimming steadily, and gravel vac if I see any detritus gathering. Basically, there are hundreds of bristleworms in this tank--some of them QUITE large. They clean EVERYTHING and leave my corals and inhabitants completely alone. I used to be nuts about water changes, but decided to try not doing them at all and only doing regular maintenance of the skimmer, etc, as an experiment. I myself still can't believe it worked! The tank has been successful since it was first set up. It evaporates about 2 gallons every 3 days, so it is always getting a RO/DI water topoff at those times. My room is a warm room with no windows.

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Here are my 2 clowns.. Sorry for the quality of this pic, but I had to snap the shot quick because clowns know how to screw up camera shots by moving just at the last second!


This is the last shot I will post for the night.....


Lemme know if any of you would like to see more. :)

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Here is a little fact file I read in Clownfish by joyce d wilkerson. Apparently a healthy pair of percs will keep a healthy pair of maroons at bay. I guess the percs just show major aggression and the maroons are more bluff then bight.

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Well, I will definitely agree with you there. The Maroon has it's lair behind the mushroom rock at the back of the tank. The Oscellaris (Perc) is definitely the more domineering. I would love to someday expand this tank to a 20 or 30 gallon to give them more room. I may be moving sometime this year. So, I might do it during the move.


BTW, my avatar is my very strange Bicolor Blenny which is in the same tank.

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I like the very natural look of your aquarium.


I have 2 fish in my aquarium now but I have been considering adding a 3rd since the addition of my skimmer

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Well, believe it or not, I have Seaclones on both of my tanks. Both Seaclone 100's. They do an excellent job of skimming the tanks. So, having the 3 fish in the 10g, while statistically impractical, seems to have worked out.

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At 2 gal of top off every three days you are replacing the entire volume of the tank in 2 weeks or so. Do you dose any thing to the tank

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I dose Seachem Reef Plus, Kent Coral Accel, Kent ZooPlex, and Kent Tech I.


Sorry, it is a 1 gallon top off. I mis-typed it before. But, by your calculations, I guess that would be 50% volume change every 2 weeks. So, I guess I'm doing water changes after all!


And here I thought I was being unique and innovative! lol!

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Axcess 68...you know why you tank can handle all those fish, because of all the macro algae!!


I have the same macro in my refugium without a skimmer and the nitrate have never moved from 0. There is no better nutrient export and in a LPS/softie tank, I think it using macro as the sole export mechanism leaves other essential elements in the tank that otherwise would be stripped out frm a protien skimmer!


Ditch the sea clone....you dont need it and it probably doesn't work anyways :)

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Well, the Seaclone does sometimes produce a very brownish green thick skimmate. My corals seem to be pretty happy overall. So, my guess is that having the Seaclone skim within its own intermittent pattern is positive boon to the tank instead of a negative one.

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