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Cultivated Reef

LED moonlights from Walmart


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Can anyone show me pics/threads about these moonlights? I am really interested in purchasing the lights myself! I want to know if you are able to intstall it within the light fixture or does it have to be placed externally?

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These are lights for car and you plug into the cigarette lighter to turn it on. You can find it in the automobile section or any auto part like kagren, etc.

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Wal-Mart is hit or miss with them, I have been to some that do carry them and some that don't . Mine are made by "Bell". I have also seen them at various stores like autozone, etc.


Here are a few pics of mine. I just ran the wiring under the plastic splash guard and out the back. I use a power inverter I picked up from Radio Shack. Here is a link to what I am using.


Link You can probably find them cheaper online.


Here are a few pics, overall I am happy with them.


As you can see in the second pic, I had to modify the hood a bit with my dremel so it wouldn't push the lights down when I closed the lid.






They are a bit directional for my taste, I wish they would light up more of an area instead of a specific location on the rock....if that makes sense.







- Josh

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yeah i got my lights at target, and power converter is on the way, i bought it off of ebay and with the shipping the total for that came to just under $9 :)

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wow not too shabby at all! I like how you hid the wires. Gives a very clean look! Ill try target and then maybe hit up autoshops like autozone...


Do u think i could keep those moonlights on 24/7?

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I saw those lights wayne, they're pretty cool...I will actually purchase them at some point--


The only thing that I didn't like was the shipping. Sure, the $15.00 price tag sounds nice and appealing...then you get to checkout and find out you gotta pay $12 for shipping -.-

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You can get a wide variety off of ebay or computer stores, they use the LED a lot for case modding. But...... I am more of an instant gratification type of person so I went with a setup I could buy locally :)

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I have three of those lights on my tank that I purchased for $7 apiece, they work great, I had one set but that just wasnt enough so know I got three and I can light up the whole tank.

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Now that I see more and more people with their moonlights, I'm not sure I'm liking the "spotlight" look.


I might just get a blue cold cathode tube instead...does anybody have these installed on their system? Most the ones I see are for computers--how would I go about putting one in my tank with computer wiring stuff? Thanks.


Oh yeah, they have UV cold cathode and non-UV...which would be better? Would UV harm the inhabitants?

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The problem really isn't the LED's themselves, it's the little to no water clearance we have with nano cubes. I ran almost the same setup on my 29 with a 10" canopy and they looked great.....because there was plenty of room for the light to diffuse.


You can pick up those cold cath tubes at autozone as well, pretty cheap if I remeber. I might give one a try being as I already have the power inverter.


rbaby - most of the cold cath tubes I have seen at autozone etc ( in the ricer section ) are just standard 12V. So pick up a power inverter like the one I posted in this thread, plug it in a go.

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you know those plugs that goes into your cigarette lighter in your car??? you plug those into a power inverter and use it just as your standard 2 pong plug.

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