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My tank plans


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Ok here is my plan for my tank


1. 75 gallon aga

2. Aqua C Remora skimmer

3. 24' CPR Aquafuge

4. Wave2k Wavemaker 4000gph

5. JBJ 260watt formosa PCS

6. 2 x jbj 2500 powerheads

7. 20 gallon aga sump

8. mag-drive 1200 sump pump


Any comments would be helpful.

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Looks good, but I would go for MH lights in anything above a 29g. If you plan for a sump then you could also get a SCWD for wavemaking with two directional returns and skip the powerheads.

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Youre getting a skimmer and fuge?

there's a new aquafuge with a skimmer IN it...

just incase you hadnt heard or considered it instead


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