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Picking 2 fish for nano-cube tomorrow, input here


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Okay... I've had a true perc in my cube for about 6 months and am moving my tank back to my dorm from where it's been all xmas break.

The clown got a bit territorial and beat up a damsel I put in awhile back and it died as a result.


I figure that now when I move and re-arrange the whole tank is a good time to add another fish or two. I'm thinking:


Black clown and clown goby


Firefish and clown goby


Black clown and high-fin goby


Firefish and high-fin goby


Pick one!

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You want to keep 3 fish in a nano-cube? risky. I wouldn't do it... If you got rid of the clown... I'd take the firefish for sure. They're great. And maybe the high-fin. That would give you fish that swim at different levels. Thus increasing the appeal! ;)

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If you keep your current clown and add another, you might have problems. If you want to keep multiple clowns in a small tank, you should add them together, otherwise things will likely get testy.


I would echo Kogut's concern regarding 3 fish in a nano. It can be done (3 is the limit though), but it would be difficult if you are going to keep a clown that already regards the whole tank as his own.


True percs are generally a bit meaner than false percs or ocellaris.


Just to throw another fish into the mix, why not a royal gramma, or another type of basslet?

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You think he'll still be territorial even if I take him out, move the tank, and re-arrange the rock? I know three is a bit risky, which is why I want a small goby and not another full-sized fish... I also have a fuge w/ chaeto in it that grows like crazy and do weekly changes... That being said, I'd rather not push it.

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