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well currently i have blue gravel in my 10 gallon tank .. with a undegravel filter... sadly its causing way to much evaporationg..


i need a sand but somthing not terribly expensive like live sand..


do you think a bag of play sand from home depot would be a good substrate .. possibly 10-20 pounds


... also for airation .. obviously im using the undergravel ... but i also have a wet/dry topfin filter running ... what else would i need " powerhead" ? .. i dont think the wet/dry airiates the water

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Go to your lfs and get a bag of the live sand its only like $20 bucks I always believe in a strong foundation and your sand and live rock are the most important thing in your tank. you wouldent build your house in a river bed on a foundation of playdough would you?

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I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, unlike most of the people who will probably reply to this post, but you should really redo your whole setup. undergravel filter which should be removed unless you are doing a small freshwater tank. Read around this website a lot more and you should get an idea of how you should be designing your system. I'm not saying that you couldn't run a tank with an undergravel filter; you could make it a plenum or something but not sure if it will work on tank that small. Also you will probably want some substrate that will aid in buffering ph. Just read around this website some more and you will probably come up with some better ideas and questions.

Hope that helps

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no no guys i do know quite a bit .. just stripped for cash .. thats why im using gravel and a undergravel .. i will be removing it .. and putting in either 20 pounds of bagged live sand .. or 20 pounds of crushed coral...



what should i use to airiate the tank ...

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