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Another cleaner crew question


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So I have a 12g nano.. what should I have to my cleaning crew?


I purchased today:


2 red algae hermitts

2 nassarius snails

2 zebra reef snails

1 margarita snail

1 mexican tubro grazer



Should I get any other snails or hermitts?


What about a shrimp?

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I would probably say a couple more nassarius wouldn't be a bad idea, so you can keep your substrate clean.


I presume you already know that Turbo snails get huge and can knock over coral and smaller rubble. That is what kept me from getting a Turbo.


Just for comparison, I have the same tank, but I have 5 blue leg hermits, 2 scarlet reef, 6 nassarius, 5 astrea, and an emerald/mithrax crab. I love em, especially the emerald/mithrax (get a female if you can) because she really gets in the crevices and is entertaining to watch.


There are a lot of threads where people say how much they hate hermit crabs, but if you stick to the reef safe variety and have enough detritus/algae to eat, they are great. Anyhow, get whatever you want, so long as it is reef safe. I would just maybe suggest not having the turbo, and replacing him w/ about 3-4 astreas, and getting 2-4 more nassarius regardless of what you do with the Turbo.

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