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how deep sand?


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I'd go ~30lbs live rock. you want at least 1lb per gallon. As for the sand bed, I have mine at 3inches. If youd like to run a deep sand bed, you'll need 4+ inches. there are pluses and negatives with deep beds, depending on who you talk to, but it definitely is not necessary. Good luck

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shallow sand bed is good has its ups and downs ... but less sand more water and more protien for your tank =] ageing water is #1 thing to do in a tank ,.... doo not get emrald if you have clowns and slow moving fish. might suggest damsels with them.

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There's two schools of thought on the subject of sandbeds an aerobic sandbed which should be 1/2" or less of sand or a deep sandbed which is generally 3" or more. Everything in between is neither here nor there. It may work, but not efficiently. I myself have about 3" of sand and are working on adding additional sand to bring it up to a higher level. The relevant web article can be found at:



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I like the aspect of Deep Sand Beds, but everything I've read, as well as words from Dr. Ron Shimek, our nano tanks just don't have enough surface area for a DSB to really work in our small tanks.


I like mine just like Uchiha, 1.5'' - 2.0'' deep.

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Shimek says that DSB's are not really effective in nanos. It had something to do with microfauna not being able to live very well close to vertical surfaces. Larger tanks provided more surface area away from the vertical glass so everything works better. I wish I could find the link, but no luck.


I guess my point is I would stay away from a DSB in a nano due to the long term stability issues, based purely on what I have read from Shimek.



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