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Does anyone run stock filtration in their Nano Cube 12g?


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Hi everyone,


I just returned from checking out a LFS that I hadn't been to before. They had a 12g JBJ Nano Cude DX set up on their counter. I started asking questions about how they set it up and how long it had been running, here is what I found out.


The LS, LR, along with an anemone, a clown fish, a cleaner crew and a coral banded shrimp, came from an old model 12g that had been running for over a year. The real kicker is that the old set up and the new set up are strictly stock. They kept the sponges, ceramic rings, carbon and bio-balls in place. They said that everything has worked out great for them like that and they recommend that setup to anyone interested in buying a Cube.


I was just wondering if anybody on this forum is running stock filtration, and if so are they willing to admit it and have they run into any major problems with it.

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well my LFS has the same thing, but they havent switched over to the DX yet. they left the OG nano cube completely stock, and ive been going there for over a year and everything seems ok. i bought the DX and decided to try to stay stock too, but not for too long. too out rings and balls and one sponge and replaced it with a finer sponge. thats it. no problems yet, but ive only had it for 2.5 months now...

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My LFS has a OG with an upgraded pump. And a Tang.... All stock.


It has crashed Twice now, in about a year. The Tang has been there for prolly nine months of the time.(through both crashes):)

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Thanks for the replies so far. I didn't think that this would be an isolated case, but wanted to find out if anybody has seen it, or was willing to admit to doing it themselves.

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