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Another Clown Gone


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I have New pair of wonderfull Ocellaris Clowns in a 3 mth old 25 gallon tank . One larger than the other and they seem to be getting on very well, both will not leave each others side for very long. The larger clown is a lot more active than the smaller . I also have a Anemone, (Radianthus keukenthali) which they are getting used to.


I left them last night and all seem normal.

This morning I checked on them and to my horror the Larger clown was dead?? She had a slim coat (thick film) all over her.

I tested the water all okay the temp moves from day to night from about 28 to 26. I was wondering If anyone has had the same problem.

Im not sure what the caused her to die. The Temp the anemone or the other clown. I don't like to see any fish die.

Im not having a good run the other day my Hermit Crab had my first Clown as a snack:( He has now been removed.

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Hmmm..I don't know why it died..but A. ocellaris don't usually host in H. crispa anemones (had to look up R. keukenthali...we use Heteractis crispa for what is commonly known as a "Sebae Anemone" over here). The temp swing does seem a bit extreme..but if your other reef animals are tolerating it, I can't figure why the larger of two clowns wouldn't. I'm assuming you've checked all of your parameters and found them to be in line. Maybe an internal parasite you couldn't have known about? Random disease? Blind luck? Very hard to swallow when one animal in your reef dies when everything else is doing okay, but it happens often enough. I've had coral frags whither and die in the same system where the parent colony is fluorishing (enough to frag..lol).




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Hi Fred


Thanks again for you sound advice...I think I found the cause. Over the few days after my larger clown died I noticed my remaining clown swimming erratically with a gill extended out to one side...I removed him with a net into a small shallow bowl, as he shook about I noticed a tiny parasite with a shell enter the water. I removed the critter and put my little friend back into the tank. Since the operation he is happier than when I got him. His gill is normal and is he now swimming around the tank like mad. Still trying to work out what the parasite is the closest I found was a J.Losopod




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