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65W enough for 29G???


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I have a 29G tank that was used for only keeping 3 goldfish. Sadly they didnt survive the 4 Florida hurricanes a few months ago. Its just been sitting around since with no fish.


I want to convert it to a SW tank. It would mainly be a FOWLR to put a clown or 2 in there but also a couple zoos and shrooms. I would like to know if the Satellite 1x65w fixture would be enough for the clown(s) and if any corals.


Thank you!

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it should be ok, mushrooms, zoos, brains, candy canes are a few that i can think of that would be ok with that type of lighting. :)

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65w over a 29 isn't going to let you keep anything besides maybe some 'shrooms. It's okay for a FOWLR, but not a reef.





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Yep agreed, go with the most light you can afford. 130w over a 29 isn't squat and you'll be looking to upgrade with in a few months. By the way, get a pendant.

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