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Live rock for a 10Gallon


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I have read that you are supposed to do about 1 to 1.25 LBS of rock per gallon in a tank and about 1 LB of sand per gallon.


However I just saw a persons tank that had a 10 gallon with 20 lbs of rock and sand and it looked jsut right.


I was wondering what you guys thought the best abount of rock would be for a 10 gallon tank.


I am guessing 12-15 Lbs is best to allow room for coral when it is added.

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15lb LR is good. But you'll be surprised just how little 15lb will turn out to be, so a lot of folks will go higher. Just start off w/ 15lb, and then see how it looks.


get bigger base rock to make up foundation...use smaller more interesting pieces to sculpt the top part of your rockwork.

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That might be hard to do if I purchjase the live rock online.


But I will start with 12-15 lbs.



I am also thinking about maybe startign the SW thing in a 1.5 gallon tank that I have.

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Starting in a 1.5gal tank is just about suicide. If you don't have saltwater experience, a tank that small will get away from you in a HURRY.




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Originally posted by FAC_WNY

Starting in a 1.5gal tank is just about suicide.  If you don't have saltwater experience, a tank that small will get away from you in a HURRY.  




I would have to agree...and you'll go nuts when you find out that yellow tangs are not well suited for 1.5g. haha.

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Deleted User 8530

hey. I dont think anyone should comment on What someone COULD do. I started off with a 2.5g tank. All it means is More frequent top offs. Its fine if you have the time.

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Fred-at no time did Messy say that he/she still has the aformentioned 2.5 gal.


Does it matter?

Honestly, do you not notice the large amount of 2.5 gal's doing very well? Look up liquids nano, its a 2.5.

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12- 15 pounds would be good and leave plenty of room for corals. I have nearly 20 lbs of TBS aquaculture live rock and 10 lbs of sand. it is a little full and placing corals is a small challange. I would like a larger sand area available. but it is working out.


at 6weeks:





now at 6mos:



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it relaly depeends on how you want to fill it up, i had about 13 lbs of rock and it was way little, it was fiji rock, i think that for a 10 atleast 15 and for a fuller scape 20 would be your best bet

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I bought 20lbs of Marshall LR for the 12g Nano. That tank fills fast, but the rock is fantastic. I probably got 14 lbs in there now with the leftovers still in the plastic tub. Its kinda difficult to landscape when only rock is there--sorta like planting trees. It feel empty now but wanted to leave room for the 2 clowns. haven't put any corals in yet as the tank is cycling. My wife even likes looking at the tank in our bedroom with just the lights and rock.


I think I have her hoodwinked on the hobby.

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I never implied that Messy STILL has the 2.5. I asked if he had pics of it..not whether or not it still existed.


And it'd be great to know why the system was "upgraded"...


And I'm also in no way implying that you CAN'T keep a 2.5...however, a volume of water that small is VERY hard to maintain..and someone who has no reef experience has no idea what "hard to maintain" even means.


Maybe if people had a firmer grasp on the English language, it'd help them to better understand my posts.




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Fred your post always crack me up, but I have to agree with you 100%. I'm thinking about doing a 2.5 but I'll be taking and doing about one cup water changes every other day using water from one of my other tanks, but on the issue of LR I only have about 15# in my 20L but it fills in about half the tank, I'm going to put a diff rock formation on the left side, but do rember that shrooms and zoos come in with rock so that adds to your total.

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Personally, I like the Marshall rock from premium aquatics. Nice purple coloring and no dreaded mantis stowaways since its from the Pacific. I would probably mix a couple of different rocks in the next tank with Marshall and maybe Tonga branch.

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What do you guys think about with this setup for my 10 gallon tank. gain this is a new tank. This is what I am lookign at purchasing.


I want to use www.exoticfish.com to purchase my LR and LS and I am looking at:


5 lbs. of Fiji Live Rock Premium Grade

5 lbs. of Marshall island premium grade Live Rock

3 lbs. of Fiji Ultra Grade Live ROck

2 lbs. of Tonga Branch Live Rock

5 lbs of Live sand to go with the crushed coral I already have in the tank.



Am I mixing it up too much or does this work? Should I stick with just two types? Let me know what you guys think.

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