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Hello Everybody,

My name is Ryan and I am new to the hobby. I would first like to say that this looks like a great site. I was on AquariaCanada and someone showed me a link to this site. I am interested in a nano reef. 20 Gallons so big for a Nano but small compared to other tanks. Like I said I would like to start a 20 gallon. Here are the pecs would you help me where i am wrong or might chage something.

20 gallon tank

2 inch sand bed

20-30 lbs Fiji, tonga Branch Live Rock Mix

2 55 watt PC light kit

3 powerheads (100 gph each)

prism skimmer

no refugium

150 watt won brothers heater with digital display

Anything i am missing?


6 of each hermits: halloween, red scarlet and blue

15 margarita snails

10 nassarius snails

5 cerith snails

1 cleaner shrimp

1 Red Banded Pistol Shrimp


2 Percula Clownfish

2 Highfin Red Banded Goby (Stonogobiops nematodes)


Ricordea Mushrooms

Blue Msuhrooms,

Red Mushrooms

Fuzzy Mushrooms

Green Star Polyps

Hammer Coral


I am sure I will add more corals but how does it look. 4 Small fish is not over crowding the tank is it?

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I would get stronger PH's...and a different skimmer if you havent already bought a prism. I would also think about adding a refug to the tank.. also maybe 130watt pc's instead of 2x55... or MH lighting..


This of course is just a opinion :)

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I have a 175 watt halide her at my house i can use. That kind of skimmer do you suggest? Also what how will the fuge benifit i have no pod feeders? How strong do you suggest for the powerheads.?

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Hey Newby. For a skimmer I would recomend an Aqua C Remora. I heard that the Prizm can be a bit of a PITA. I heard that they are noisy. The rest of the set up sounds really good. It depends on the type of corals you will keep. The 175W MH is a good light, but if you plan to keep softies only then I will recomend the 130W of PC's. You are not planing to place a HOB filter?

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Ya the hardest coral will be maybe a plate coral, hammer, or frogspawn thats about the hardest. PITA? whats that. What do you recomend for a HOB? The fuge i guess i can fill it with garpe calpurnia.

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PITA= Pain In The A$$. For a HOB filter I would say an AquaClear110. You can easily turn that into a fuge. There are a couple of threads here that can show you how to do that.

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You talking about the powerfilter right? Well some people hang them from the main display tank in the rear area. Some people have sumps, which are great because you can have all that nasty stuff hiding. If you would place a sump then you can place it there and under your stand.



Unless you are asking where are the threads located? Hahaha. You can find those threads under the Refugium section in the forum panels.

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