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Bristleworm traps


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Hello all. I haven't been here for a long time. Stopped by to ask a few questions.


I just got a GBTA to replace my last one that was destroyed by a powerhead.


I noticed this morning that it was deflated which wasn't a big deal because they always do that. I came back though around 2pm and it was still deflated and looking pretty bad. So I picked up the rock it was on and there I find about a foot long bristleworm/fireworm inside the foot of the BTA :o :x


I pulled parts of the worm out as it broke in a few bits. About 5 minutes after I got it out the BTA went back to its normal size :)


Right now I have a 20oz water bottle in there with some mysis shrip inside pantyhose so there bristles get snagged.


So now to my question; what have you guys used to successfully catch the little munchers? I am looking into the trap at Foster & Smith but are there any proven homemade ones that work?

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I saw a commercial bristleworm trap for sale for the first time today. Never even knew they sold them before that and I really cant think of a better homemade trap than what your using now. My father in law always trys to spear them when he sees them with a long plastic pole he has with a nail point on the end. He usually wins eventually but it isnt the best way to rid the tank of them.

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I was under the impression that normal bristle worms are good for the tank as they only feed on decomposing matter. People often find them in a coral that is not doing well and blame the worms for the death but the worms are only eating the dead tissue and the coral has died for another reason. As for fireworms, they are rare and a proper ID is required.

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I have a couple bristle worms that come out when I feed the tank ???


The other day one bit my fireshrimp on the antenna and wouldn't like go for a few seconds lol.

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