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Via Aqua setups...


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Hi i was just wondering.


When it comes to setting up my via aqua 15 gallon, is it worth installing the undergravel filter that comes wIth it? many people say not to bother because im having sand, but if i lined the bottom with a filter wool sheet first? hmmmm.


Also wheres a good place to have the heater, at the bottom, horizonatally i presume. Im not having any sumps, fuges etc its simply gonna be the tank, live rock n sand, and two strong powerheads, like my 45 gallon. its doing excellent so far. k thanks guys, adam.

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a friend of mine has an undergravel filter hooked up but his is like the one from GARF. he has it setup with a via aqua canister filter and it sucks out from there and puts the water back in at the top, if you were doing something like i would say go for it, but if its just for the bubble maker and carbon filter at the top i would say leave it out.

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I would say no to the Under gravel filter thay will act like a nitrate factory. I have the 10g via aqua but im in Australia and they are called aqua 1 any ways.





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One of the first things I did when I got my 15 gallon via aqua was throw away the underground filter. Cause I heard it was no good so I just tossed it. Right now I got a remora and AC200 fuge on the back.


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Have you ever tore down a tank after it's had an undergravel filter in it for a year... I have and it's not a pretty sight...Alot of crap collects under there, long ago it was the cheap and simple way to have a biological filter. I also would leave it out ..

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thanks guys! good point about the whole nitrate factor thing, yeah am gonna skip that, i may even turn the undergravel filter grid into a cover, so light can go thru, but fush cant jump out... hmmmm

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