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hey guys , i have a 10g aga nano with a 96w coralife for lighting. i seem to have a problem with evap and also with salinity ... is there a trick to balancing it out ? or preventing evap without putting a lid on it as it affects oxygen exchange.?

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Evaporation is going to happen..if you want to control it, setup and auto-topoff system, or just topoff once or twice a day, like I do. Salinity is going to shift a tiny bit each day..but if you topoff as often as possible..it shouldn't shift more than .001 in a given day. Do you have a lot of fans running on that powerquad? Try not running as many if you do...heat really isn't that serious with a 96w.




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the trick is simple, top-off daily with clean fresh water. the main reason to nanoreefers hate to travel unless they have auto-topoffs.

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