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Cleanup crew website? live sand required?


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I've looked around a couple websites and seen their cleaner "packages". Most of them include starfish, or are hermit crab heavy. Are there any particularly good sites to get cleaning crews from, or should I just purchase them from the LFS?


I have a stock Nano Cube 12G DLX w/ ~11 lbs of LR. I think I have some live gravel, or so the LFS told me. I asked for live sand and he said this stuff was better b/c it buffered the water and provided calcium. It looks very similar to crushed coral, but I don't think it is. I'll find out what it is.

My tank is done cycling, but I don't mind yanking out whatever gravel that is and putting in sand if you all think it is necessary. My review of the threads here seems to be that sand is the way to go. If I do have to yank it out, how do I go about that w/o disrupting too much, and what should i use to scoop out the gravel?


Sorry, lots of questions, but I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot.


Thanks in advance for all the help.

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What I would do is just use regular old aragonite, then use a cup of gravel from an established tank to seed yours with some better creatures.


I wouldnt worry about replacement now.

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So you are saying I should leave in what the current substrate I have, and then get a cup of established aragonite from an established tank and put that in?

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