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New 5.5G started


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My holiday project, actually two - I'm setting up a small 2.5g nano and 5.5g nano. One to house my mantis and the other for maybe an interesting invert - monkey shrimp?


First tank 5.5g nano



Water movement: AC300 also holds heater and chiller (Iceprobe - not hooked up in pic)

Filtration: AquaC Remora with MJ1200

Lighting: Currently two 13W PC, ordered 20" 28W Aqualight to replace it


Lights are running on a timer, and float-switch is going to be hooked up between the AC and the Remora for top-off.

Currently has a bunch of different macro, live rock, some SPS skeletons for interest, and a few hermits and one mantis shrimp and a few polyps that were attached to the LR. Will grow out some different color GSP since this tank has some serious flow.







The 2.5G is not setup but here is a pic of the setup.


Water movement: AC Mini also holds heater

Filtration: DIY injection skimmer

Lighting: Will use the two 13W PC from 5.5 once my Aqualight arrives, also replacing 6700k bulbs with 50/50 13W from Hellolights.





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Yes its going to overhand the tank by about 2 inches on either side, since its an aqualight with one 32/28watt bulb I figure it won't matter.



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Got the new light installed and moved some LR around, so an updated pic of a 5.5g with Remora / AC300 / Aqualight 28w.





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Hi Melbourne

I just bought a 5.5g tank and need some info on what i can keep in it any fish i would like to get a fire fish and some inverts

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

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If you are going to put in a fish get something very small that doesn't need alot of space. A goby is a good bet, neon goby or maybe a rusty or green/yellow goby. Both stay under 2 inches max size. You could get a couple of hermits and snails for your cleanup crew, a mix of micro-hermits, a few n.vibex, astrea would be good. I have some neon gobies in my 125g and they are nice and colorful, move around more than my rusty / green gobies.



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Updated pics,


Added more LR rubble and some frags from my other tanks. Good pod population and mysis shrimp living in the rubble and macro. No cycle to speak of, no diatom bloom, etc. All params look good.


Added auto top-off.





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Updated tank pics - haven't had time to do much to this tank, no water changes since I started it in Dec 2004. Anthelia and Xenia have pretty much taken over the tank. Pods are everywhere, water params look good despite no water changes. Probably because I run a Remora on this nano and have automated water topoff and low bioload.




Started up the 2.5g with a Emperor 280 HOB with heater and temp probe inside, 13w 50/50 PC, some base dead rock, will eventually house a few hermits and maybe a shrimp and some softies.



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