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need some help with ac300 fuge


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I have had my fuge up and running now for about 2 months and am having some problems. I have switched the impeller with an ac200 impeller and have trimmed it a little. I have 1/4 inche of sand with some crushed coral on the bottom with some liverock in there too. I also have a small batch of macro in there as well. I am lighting the fuge at night with a coralife 96 watt mini light. My problem is that i keep getting this really thick green algae on the lip that empties in the tank. The water inside the fuge appears to have no movement but you can clearly see the wate exiting into the tank. I having to scrape this alage off every week or else it gets so thick that it starts to bubble and the water flow slows to a very slow drip. The macro is doing just fine, but isnt growing very much. I also noticed that I have a lot of detirus in the fuge too. Does anyone else have this problem??

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