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Brianemone's tankino ??g


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good ol tigah boy,


hmm the sticker, i didnt notice it that much untill i took these picks, (im so lazy ive never got up the energy to do it)


ill do it tonight in your honour

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What spectrum is that (lighting). It looks to me like a 6500K halide, is that right? Maybe Pc's?


Nice tank, but you could have more color with different spectrum (but it could just be the pictures)

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there are a few in there and they have gotten alot of the hair algae off the back, as of yet they havent started on the sides


they grew quite alot in the first few weeks that they where in there :)

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1. get a different bulb like a 20k

2. ad a black background

3. add more snails and a fuge, should take care of that algea :)



Love the aquascaping!

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Haha..at first I thought this was an 88g....I was thinking "shoot, he could get like tangs and crap." But it's liters. That's like a little over 20g, rite?

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yeah about 22G


i would like to add a fuge but wouldnt i have to get some holes drilled or is there another way???


and the backgorund is getting pu ton when i move in a few weeks

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it works out a bit expensive for me to buy from the internet


postage and exchange rate.


i have connections at the LFS so i will ask him for a quote

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