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Bumblebee Snails eating my Leather Coral?


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My Leather Coral is going through its "Slogh" process and tonite while working on the comp i notice that four of my bumblebee snails are hanging out by the base of the Leather, on is actually on the stalk, has anybody had experience with agression to corals from these snails?





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I know that detritivores like these tend to rush after dying/decaying matter. It could be that the leather coral might have some infection and theyre eating the damaged tissue. Bristleworms get a bad rep because theyre often the first at the scene.


How are your tank params? Softies can be kind of odd since my colt coral "died" earlier last month and I had to frag off the healthy areas (4 frags lived about 2 inches long, the whole parent piece was about a foot tall). So I dunno, maybe run some activated carbon?

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