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Converting 20gl fresh to salt?


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What all needs to be done to change a 20 gl fresh to salt?

We have a tank just sitting and have been looking to do reef.

Any help would be great. I know if we go to the local store they will try to sell everything under the sun to us.




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Basics: Filtration, maybe you can get a AquaClear powerfilter. Your going to need a heater. Powerhead(s). Saltwater, Live sand(maybe 29 pounds) and about 20 to 30 pounds of LR. The lights can be tricky. If you are going to get high end corals then I suggest MH. But if you plan to use soft coral then maybe a 130W PC'S. MH are awsome though. It also depends on your budget. MH is a bit more than PC's. Then you got your little things like Thermometer.

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What would have to be done if we go get a 20 gl or so that is prepackaged at are local store? They usually have the filter, lighting, heating and stuff like that. I know we would have to get salt and lr and ls. We have been looking at the 12 gl nano cube what is everyones thought on that? I have seen some post on here about them also.

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If your LFS is the same as mine then I dont recomend getting those pre packaged deals. What happens most of the time, they sell you tanks that have very cheap filtration system for like freshwater fish. I think they are called under gravel filters. Those are no good for saltwater. Now the Nano cubes can be somewhat cool because it's somewhat of a connect and play kind of thing. You might want to look into that.

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Ok well if comes with that AC power filter then I guess it will be ok. Your just gonna have to upgrade the lights most likely. Now that cube looks pretty good for that price.

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Angel Higuera

Also....since your converting, what type/brands of equpiment do you have left over?.


I would keep your 20g. Here is a nice link on setting it up and what you will need: http://aquarium.union.rpi.edu/setup.html

It's pretty much str8 forword but if you want to keep corals you will need very good lighting.


Hope this helps.

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