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how do you hide all this garbage?


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I've got a 20gH with a bak-pak (like) protein skimmer, an ac500 fuge with the surface skimmer, and a mini-jet 606 for circulation. How in the world am I supposed to hide all of this stuff. The back of my tank looks like my car engine. I've got hoses and pumps everywhere, from one side to the other. Can I just pile LR up to cover this junk? No corals yet, heh.

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Angel Higuera

I pretty much have the same 20H setup, except I have a prizm.


Does your tank have a background? I painted mine. That really helped me. Try to bunch the wires together with ties or electrical tape and maybe get some wire loom to cover the bunch. You can buy it at hardware stores or car stereo shops by the foot. As far as the tubes in your tank...maybe you can zip-tie barnicle shells or somthing to them for camoflage.


Hope this helps and I hope that pro-pak is better that the CPR!

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Get the combo box for the skimmer, it may fit the cpr knock-off skimmers. That way you can't see the powerhead and return. If you paint the back glass, it makes hardware blend in more.

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