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Good deal on Iwaki pump?


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I have been looknig around forever for a good used return pump and I got an e-mail from reef central today that I could buy an Iwaki md30rxlt for $70. The pump is used, but the seller says it works like it is new. here is the pupm at marine depot: http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp...dproduct=IK1135 If this a good deal?/ should I but it for $70?

it pumps 960 GPH at 4 ft. I will have a 29 g fuge, and a 50 g display tank. Would this amount of GPH be good? I wanted to possibly do a small closed loop in the 50g to release the water. If i do a closed loop, would I need more than 960 gph at 4ft?

Thanks in advance :)

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