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Not a bristle worm


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Sorry one more question... I found a white worm... its about 1/8in wide at least 1in long maybe longer with lotsa legs. Ive researched for days and found nothing. I saw him/her/it once and thats the last is saw the worm???

Anyone please?

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well do you want someone to just give you an ID for curiosity's sake or are you concerned that it could be a potential "bad guy"?


I can't really give you an ID based on the description. But if you only care about whether it's reef-safe, I can tell you that it's probably is harmless.


There's only 2 worms w/ lots of legs that you really need to worry about...and these guys are usually very rare in aquariums and pretty big. The Eunice worm and the Fire worm. do a search for those two and if it doesnt look like that (which I think it won't since none of these are really white), then you should be okay.


Here's my thread on Eunice worms to supplement your research:





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