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sun coral help!


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sup guys i just recently bought a sun coral and i need some help on maintaining it. my friends told me that i would have to keep it in the shade and that i would have to hand feed it... any suggestions? thanks for the help

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Well you should not keep the coral in the shade unless you have very intense lighting. You do however do need to feed the coral by individually hand feeding each polyp because the are seperated organisms. I would feed it a meaty mash with some kind of baster. Goodluck.

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I don't actually have one right now (I wish I did). I used to have one, but I had to move, so I had to give up the tank. I just know how to feed one.

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they don't grow too fast, but u can see new heads every month or two. sun corals are impartial to light, so it doesn't matter if they're under 400w MH or 9w PC's.


you should feed your sun coral meaty foods such as brine and chopped krill, you can also mix this with other foods such as mysis/cyclopeeze/plankton. they can consume a lot, and will eat whatever they get their tentacles on (as long as it's got some meat). they should be fed every 2-3 days and they should be fed consistently. without proper care they will be less "plump" and show signs of wasting away. you know a sun coral is in bad shape when u see white (skeleton) ... keep it happy by feeding and it'll reward u with beautiful polyps daily.


here's an old pic of my colony of tubastrea at night (yellow & orange)


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I've had my Sun Coral for approx 9 months now and it's been an easy coral to keep.


I just target feed each polyp 1-2 times a week with brine shrimp, 1-2 shrimps per polyp depending on size. I use a pipette to feed them.


I also occasionally put some marine snow in the tank too but not that often.


As for lighting, mine are sat out in the open and do just fine. They even come out from time to time during the day which is nice. Here's a pic of mine.



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have you guys successfully gotten the sun coral to open during the day time?

I've been feeding it at night because that's when it typically opens, but I'm sure I could adjust it to feed in the daytime. It would just mean a lot of polluted water :|

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