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which corals in 10G w/ 96w powerquad?


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never kept corals before, and my 10 gallon will soon be receiving a Coralife 96w Powerquad light. what kind of corals can i successfully keep with this kind of lighting? also, do i need to use a glass tank cover in conjunction with this light ? thanx

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I have anything from SPS to mushrooms. I have a purple, blue, and yellow monti. and a hammer head, button polps, zoos, and some other things. I make sure to really give my SPS lots of water movement so they will keep their color, oh and calcium. I have heard of people even keeping clams in a 10 with 96watts.

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You can keep SPS with that light, but they won't grow as fast or color up as nicely as if they were under MH. ALso, to keep SPS you REALLY need prisitine water and alternating currents.


You could get away with a clam for awhile, but most would outgrow that tank. The ones that stay smaller (maxima,etc) really need more light.


Other than that you should be able to keep just about anything. Put lower light corals towards the bottom and higher light corals towards the top.

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