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please id these eggs


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Yeah, but I only got one psudochromis, so the eggs became a very delicoius cavier dinner for my electric blue hermit. There are still some more eggs inside caves and such.

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Save the eggs for what? I said I only have one Psudochromis. Now If I had a male Psudochromis, then maybe he will fertilize the eggs.

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Originally posted by greatreef16

kill the hermit sav ethe eggs!!!!!!!

I dont think greatreef16 understands how fish fertalize eggs.

Or how to spell.


For those who dont know... this is how (most) fish work it.

1. A female lays a batch of eggs.

2. A male swims over and fertilizes them.

3. About a week later (depending on adult fish size) fry hatch.

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