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70 watt HQI nano cube people....


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My 5 gallon top off jug lasts about 2 months. With a float switch and timers for the lights, the tank is much self sufficient.


Nanocube 12 w/ 70w HQI & 28w actinic

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I've got a 10G aga with a 70W DE bulb and two 28 actinics. I have a glass cover that's about 1 inch above the ank and 4 60mm fans blowing on top of the window (so it's not blowing on top of the water). I have to top up about a cup or two a day. Still waiting to setup my auto top off.

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Thanks for the responces, it doesn't sound like it evaporates all that much more than what it does stock.. I was worried about having to get a litermeter or something similar.


Matt are you still holding out on making some more hoods until next year?

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I'm still finishing up my November orders. With Christmas around the corner I will not have as much time to build.


I only build 1-2 a month and I like to take my time to get everything just right.


If your interested in a canopy let me know because there is a short waiting list developing. I could probable have a canopy ready for you around the 3rd week of January.





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