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Really cool...and cheap!


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I'm sure many of you have seen Chip Cataldo's "10 Gallon on the Cheap" tank of the month featured on advancedaquarist.com...but for those of you that haven't, it is pretty cool.


He's had the tank up for six months and it looks good, though I don't really see a lot of polyp extention on the sps. He's got sps and clams in there...under 96w pc...and only a Whisper 60 power filter. I thought this was pretty neat. Take a look. I guess this settles the question of whether sps can be grown under pc's!



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I see your point, but I meant that it was a setup that was good for anything, clams, sps, etc. and only had PC lights and $30 HOB filter. I think that's cool.

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