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Too much light?


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I know that there are a million questions regarding lighting, but I have a question about a specific setup. I hope you guys are willing/able to help. I'm in the process of completing my Oceanic 37g cube-ish tank, and I have 400 watt 20k over it. I just got a killer deal on an icecap 660, and want to add 150 watts more. 550 watts/37g = 14.86 wpg. I know that the wpg rule is controversial, but is this too much for both sps and some shaded softies? Thanks in advance.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that the lights are in a pendant that will have two server fans pulling air through in my 67 degree house, so I don't think heat or evap will be a big problem.

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I personally dont think it would be too much, but do you really need 550 watts? I would of thought 400 watt with a 20k bulb would have been plenty. How deep in the tank?

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The icecap 660 is vho so I would run it as a dawn for several house then the mh come on along them for like 4-6 hours then the mh off and vho still on for like 2 hrs this is just my 2 cents worth oh and I would run 50/50 on the vho tubes

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I have a 32 cube with a 400w Bluline 10k+ ( really a 20k) and 150w VHO . I think its just right . Thea corals love it . I lose about a gallon a day due to evaporation .

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Let's see,

I have a 250 watt HQI + 2x40 watt PC=330 watts of hellashish light 12 inches over a 10g.


=33 wpg.


My softies and LPS love it!!!!




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Dr. Saltwater: I am concerned about too much, hence the post, but I couldn't pass up the deal on the icecap. Worst case scenario, I have to get another tank and use the icecap on it. Not a bad penalty. Also, even with this much light, I'm nowhere near the intensity of the sun (yet).


gcrowptc: two 50/50 tubes or one of each? and why?



fitti69 & toomuchnano: wow.

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Dr. Saltwater
Originally posted by cartophilus

Also, even with this much light, I'm nowhere near the intensity of the sun (yet).


Neither is the quantity of your water and the lenght of the corals ... we shouldn't compare to that in this way.


We've had 400W MH above a 14G and even SPS corals bleached out ... we now know that 250W MH is enough and already very much.


Also keep in mind that more lightning doesn't only evaporates more water but lets corals grow quicker. Quicker growth means also that they'll use more of the water values they need (Ca, Str, Mg etc) which will easily get off balance ...


Ok, I must admit ... this is my opinion. Other people have another opinion because of their experiance and that's also why I love this hobby :)

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Corals slowly acclimated to the lighting should do fine . The quantity of your water has nothing to do with lighting , its the depth of your tank . Your water quality is the most important factor followed by flow than lighting . If accelerated growth ( which is what most SPS keepers srive for) is a bad thing that depletes nutrients how do you explain the large tanks running on a cal reactor alone and full blown nanos using 2 part adds. . A 400w bulb 12" from the surface comes no where close to the sun on a reef .

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Originally posted by Dr. Saltwater

BTW. To much lightning kills corals



LOL! No offense Dr. Saltwater, just thought it was a funny typo! :P



I don't see why you would have a problem adding some VHOs to your tank. It sounds like a killer setup to me! I'd even say that it sounds "ideal" if your trying to replicate the blazing sun over a shallow reef.

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