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HOB filter instead of overflow and siphon


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Has anyone tried drilling a hole in an HOB filter and connecting hosing down to the sump instead of drilling the tank or using an overflow and siphon? Just wondering if this would cause too much flow to the sump or not enough. Would the HOB lose water too fast for what it can move into itself? If the power went out, both the filter and the return pump would both go out. Just wondering if anyone has tried this or has any ideas about it.

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I'd thjink you'd have a problem matching flow. The HOB would have a pump pumping water into the sump, but then you'd need a pump to pump water back into the main tank. Only way I can think of right now where this would work, is if the sump is higher than the tank (or completely, 100% sealed :P)

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Power outages aren't the only concern. If your return pump gets jammed or fails for any reason that HOB is gonna keep pumping water down. Really though if you drill out the bottom of an HOB filter and run the pump for a minute then turn off the pump on the HOB it will probably operate as a siphon - depending on the size of the hole you drop out (how that effects water level in the HOB compartment) and the exact setup of the HOB's pump.


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