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need help identifying


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corynactis anemone?


that's a google find, but i've seen pink ones too.


very pretty imo but a nuisance to other people. i guess it's just like how some people look at majanos, i think they're (majano) pests and others call them baby RBTA's (bleah).

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it is a rock anemone not a pest anemone or an orange ball.

It will only come out in darkened areas. when it extends it will have a blueish, very high contrast white tenticles, with a partialy clear body. They only get about 2 inches around and eat baby snails and prety much what ever gets in their mouth.

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Thats what I call'em. Not the scientific name I know. But I Have the EXACT same animal in my tank. NCNbilly is righ after all it is indeed an orange ball anemone.

I checked out your link to Josh your right as well. It is in the psuedocorynactis family.

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