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Need help, identify this


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DO NOT USE KALKWEISER ON IT!!!!!! It will only spread using kalk.

They are a total pest anemone! just use a syringe and inject LEMON juice directly into its mouth or in its base. it will instantly start to disolve and WILL NOT spread. I tried the Kalk thing and got screwed! Spread them all over my tank.

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lol. that sucks salty. did you try joe's juice or your own kalk mix? i took care of about 5 of these with only one dose!


try the j.j. if you have it tim.

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My own mix, also tried stop -aptasia, j.j , apsatia b- gone, You name it !

The only thing that has worked thus far is lemon juice. Works everytime unquestionably.

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but can you spray the lemon juice on the anemones in the tank? because well lemon juice will mess with your Ph like crazy.

Oh yeah and vinegar works too but DO NOT put it in your tank.


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