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Best RO/DI Unit < $200?


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I have looked at units from Kent, Coaralife, Aquapure and a bewildering array available on eBay. I am now more confused than when I started. I am trying to keep cartridge replacement costs and convenience reasonable while maintaining quality. What does everyone think?

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All I know is I have used the same cartridge for about 3 months and I have had no problems at all. I have a 12 gallon so that should give you an idea how much actual water has been generated.


I used to use distilled and this has been comparable and far cheaper, not to mention convenient since I don't have to go to the store.

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The first mentioned water purifier is basically only a di unit, and the cartridges are a ripoff (even online), being almost as much as the unit istself! Plus they don't last very long (xcajx, your prbly going to have to replace yours soon!). If you only have a small (like less than 15g) they work fine, but bigger tank fever spreads quickly and then you will need to buy a basic ro unit. So spend the money wisely and get a ro, ro/di unit to begin with.



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xcajx, That filter thing works very well, but since it is only a single DI resin filter, I heard it will not last very long. That is why some people get a three stage or more RO filtration system. An RO filtration unit with DI is even better. RO filters most of the stuff, and DI gets rid of the rest of the super microscopic stuff. Since the cheaper RO filters do most of the work filtering, the expensive DI resin filter will last longer.


DI alone, filters better than a three stage filtration of mine with no DI. Mine is only RO.


My dad got our 3 stage RO unit at goodwill for about 10 bucks.

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Myself and a few coworkers into reefs all have the Typhoon III from Airwaterice.com. Walter is awesome and so are his products. His website isn't the best but his products and knowledge is.


Edit-He got a new website. Quite nice.

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Lots of good choices! Between the threads here and Reef Central the Typhoon III keeps coming up the most. Seems to be a solid product from a stable, experienced operation. Does airwaterice.com still give discounts to forum members?

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