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I'm looking for advice on what to get/do next with my nano reef...


I started it on Oct 15, 2004. It has 12 lbs. of live rock. In the last 3 weeks (since the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate all leveled out) I've added 4 Astrea snails, 1 scarlet hermit crab, 1 peppermint shrimp, and most reccently, 1 blue damsel fish.


I'm assuming I should add some more inverts -- I'd love some suggestions on that.


I'm also curious if there are any types of corals I'd be able to add. (I'm cluless on that.) My lighting is two "bookworm" lights one with a 13 watt Actinic bulb and one with a 13 watt day bulb (both from HelloLights.com). The tank is 5.5 gallon so that's approximately 4.7 watts/gal. Any suggestions on this?


Here's a pic so far if anyone's interested...



Thanks in advance ... hope my questions weren't too stupid! :blush:

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First off, there's no such question that's stupid. we all learn somehow


Stick to soft corals and zoos. They will fare better with the light you have

one fish is really all you can have with that, which isn't such a bad thing, because damsels are aggressive.

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looking good so far. your doing good by being so patient. also keeping up with the water changes? consider nassarius or cerrith snails if the current crew cant keep up with the daily algae growth. you could always trade in your damsel if it gets a little boring.

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