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Throw me a softie...?


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I just my cleanup crew to my minibow today and they went straight to work. It will be another week or 2 before I order my soft coral pack from Phishybusiness and move on to the next stocking step.

I would like to know if my system can support coral though at this point, my levels are all acceptable, but I don't want to spend $140 on this pack for it to end up dead....Is anyone willing to send, regardless of size, some frag of a soft coral like a shroom or zoos or something so I can use it to test?


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7 gallon AGA minibow on 20h stand

8 pounds premium aquatics "nano" live rock

4 pounds premium aquatics LR rubble

10 pounds natures ocean live sand

32watt Sunpaq retrofit kit, 10 hour photoperiod

Blueline LED moonlight on 24/7

AC500 slowed down "dark" fuge with LR rubble and sand

Aquaclear 20 powerhead (120gph)

50watt Marineland Neptune heater and glass thermometer

Physh1's autotopoff setup



3 baha red leg hermits

2 nerite snails

2 cerith snails

2 margarita snails



Auto-topoff system filled with poland spring distilled water

15% water change weekly with Catalina real ocean water (the boxed Petco stuff)

Black diamond activated carbon, small bag changed weekly

Test whenever needed, aquarium pharm. saltwater kit


Pretty much all.

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You could do what I did, go to the LFS and tell them that you want a single mushroom and don't want to spend a lot since it might die. I was able to get a nice purple one on a small piece of branch rock for 5$. The rock alone was worth that, plus I wanted purple mushrooms anyway. 5$ is cheaper than anyone could send you something and you get to hand pick your coral.

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