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Please Help....


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Hello, I have little clear shrimp like critters all over my live rock.. They are all over the place...


I did my weekly water change on sunday. I am running carbon and filter media instead of sponge....

I did add about 15 snails and red leg crabs for clean up...

and a star and extra fish....

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Sounds like you have a healthy population of pods there. Nothing to be worried about - they are detrivores and are benneficial to the removal of excess wastes in your tank.

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Sounds as if your tank is doing good.. I moved some of the rock in my tank the other day and they were crawling all over my hand...they are something to watch...they scatter for any place they can find to hide when the lights come on....

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Originally posted by jmguerry12

I dont think I have any copeopods??? How do I get some






as long as you dont have stuff in your tank that eats them, they will come.




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