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Where to get good Live Rock and or Live Sand in Toronto or not too far

Cafe Jeff

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Having kept Fresh Water fish for years, I have finally decided to gather up all the left over equipment and prepare a small 20 gallon FOWLR aquarium.

The tank has been running for a week or so (no fish or critters) and I would like to add some live rock and or sand to get the aquarium up to speed so I may finally have the opportunity to stock it.

Securing good Live Rock has so far looked to be a problem. The big Marine Retailer has Live Rock but it looks just like big brown rocks with nothing of interest alive in or on it. It looks to be old live rock in a tank both inadequately lit and circulated. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. I know that I can do mail order but am concerned with Canada Customs and what not. Moreover, I don't actually want that much... to the question at hand, anyone know where I can buy some quality live rock in Toronto?


Thanks. Jeff

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If you check out aquaria.ca, they have a list of some good LR suppliers all across Canada. I live in Vancouver, so I have the same concerns with shipping live rock. I think they also sell LR there, but I'm not sure, and its from within Canada. Just a home-grown site you might want to take a look at. BTW if anyone knows of a good place here in Vancouver, or the lower mainland, let me know! :)

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