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Yellow clown gobies


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I am planning a 10 gallon nano at work in the office. I would like to keep it simple with shrooms, zoos and softies. I would like to stock it with 2 clown gobies, 2 sexy shrimp and maybe a purple firefish and a few snails. Does anyone see any problems? I know firefish are jumpers so I need a glass top. thanks.




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I agree. They most likely will fight. I have a freind that has 2 in a 55g and they find each other now and then - then the fight is on. I don't think that there is any sexual dimorphism but a male and a female might work.

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Thanks. I guess I assumed they were able to change sexes. I will have to check. My goal was to have a pair. I will look at the LFS to see if they sell any mated pairs. Well 1 is better than 2 that will fight until 1 is dead.



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hey im still a beginner but from everything that ive read 10g seems a bit small for all those ocean critters! no disrespect just looking out for the little guys!

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Originally posted by phergus_25

the clown gobies might fight but i dint have any experiance just being in the same nitch in the tank and it beign small but i'm not shure


Clown gobies can change sex. Get one substantially smaller than the other.




I'd make sure there's enough perching space and caves for two of them though. And I don't know if its normal behavior but my Gobidae Okinawae is an olympic jumper, little sucker can get a good 12" height out of the tank.


Edit: I also have "heard" that they fight, however I rack that up to typical internet misinformation. I've seen quite a few tanks that house multiple Yellow Clown Gobies. I think it all comes down to tank size and hiding spaces. If you shove two elephants in a closet, someones going to die.


If you're trying to breed them I understand they're a PITA to feed early on they're on phyto and rots a lot longer than clowns.

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dude "sexy shrimp" is about the nastiest thing i've heard all day


have you looked at those things closely?


they have lik feelers and nasty things


your gross

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