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AquaClear Mini for 2.5g (right size?)


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Does anyone think that the AquaClear Mini HOB filter would be to heavy for the back of a 2.5? Do you think I will need a powerhead if I use this filter?

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should work fine, but remember laminar flow is rarely good for reef animals, so an additional PH to break up the water motion might be a good idea.

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I have had an A/C 200 on my 2.5 AGA for 6 months with no problems...it's big enough to put a small heater in which frees up some room in the tank

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How many posts are you going to make about ACs & 2.5g, sheesh, keep it all in one thread.


I have an AC300 on a 2.5g & it's fine. If you're still worried about it, set something under the filter to support it. My AC500 on my 5.5g sits on some foam blocks.

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