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Begginer starfish?


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Hi k so im sorry this isnt to do with my nano again!! but my 45 gallon has just about got'n around to finish cycling after 2 weeks n 3 days. im goin to my lfs tommorow to buy a clean up crew ( any recommendations?) and im wondering if a could get a starfish yet.And if so, whats recommended? Im already going to add my clownfish from my 6 gal. nano and the four blue legged hermits from there. thanks guys,



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Serpent stars and brittle stars are hardy scavengers, but they spend most of their time hiding in the rockwork. They can make up part of the "clean-up" crew, but will need to be fed if you don't have any fish (they eat leftover food such as shrimp, squid, etc.)


Other starfish do need a more mature system. I'd recommend waiting at least another 3 months before adding one. If you do NOT want to keep corals you could (eventually) get a chocolate chip. They are hardy and easy to care for (feed 1-2 times per week).


Linkias and fromias need a lot of live rock and a mature stable system. IMO you shouldn't add one of these for at least another 5 months. Keep in mind that the blue and purple linkia's are infamously difficult to acclimate/maintain and have a habit of disintegrating within a week.

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A sandsifting starfish or a red starfish (Linkias) would be a good choice. But not until your tank has been running for awile. Before buying one you really need to assess if you have enough for it to eat, because a lot of starfish housed in less then a 50g will starve.

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