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Brand New Nano Dx (crack In The Glass)


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cant believe it, shopped around decided to go with nano cube dx from petsolutions came in on time, got excited only to be brought back to earth in a jiffy by the fact that there is a small (about 2 inches long) crack in the glass in the 3rd compartment in the rear towards the top of the aquarium... What should I do??




try and fix myself, this might be the easiest but is it possible...



send back :_(



please advice...



on another note i should remove the bio-balls and the rings if im planning salt water?






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send it back.


i would hate the hassle but you have to send it back.


i hope you saved the box.


i also hope you have talked to them already.





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I'm so dissapointed its going to take about a week and a half for this ordeal to fnish... Anybody buying tanks from petsolutions have them check the tanks before sending.

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wait is the crack in the glass??

Or in the back plastic where the filtration is? Because if it is in the back where the filters are You could leave t and shouldn't have a problem

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Hey guys...guess what?!?


My cube cracked today...I don't know when but it did. I came home and my water was half way down and there was a gigantic crack down the front and right side of my tank. Water was everywhere!!! Luckily nothing was inside but LR and LS.


PetSolutions will DEFINATELY hear from me about this!!!

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Need to make sure the tank is on a perfectly level surface. This is why my cube is on a mat, I know for a fact my table isn't level...also make sure none of your rockwork touches the glass or leans on it in the slightest bit, these could also cause cracks. I'm sorry you guys have gotten bad cubes, don't worry though--keep faith, when it's good it's good!

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ive had great results with petsolutions. ive ordere two nanocubes. no problems. you have to keep in mind, your getting a GLASS fish tank. i think they pack as well as possible. its the risk of shipping a glass tank. they are good though , so tell them and send it back. things happen.

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