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Where can I get a custom canopy built?


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I have a custom hood from MattGecko on my Nano Cube, it doth rule. I packed in 96 watts of retro PC and 10 watts of HO T-5 and a jury rigged moonlight in there. All that light, and I still need to keep the heater running to keep it stable, Matt puts reallly good fans on his hoods. :P


I'll try to get a couple of good pics up with my old steam driven digital later on.



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Originally posted by LittleTanker

www.NanoHoods.com is the only place to go for a custom canopy. I've had Scott build 3 different hoods for me, and each one was incredible. His hoods are absolutely beautiful.


Wow, those hoods / bases look great and reasonable too. I just sent him an email about doing a nano cube. Bending the wood is a tricky issue, I hope he can work with me.


Matt's also look great, however he won't be making anymore until the new year, per his website.

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