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Sand sifter star


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I'm thinkin about getting a sand sifting star for my 29 gallon. I'm getting some algae on the bottom and its becoming a nuisance. Will one star be enough? I'm thinking like a polycanthus. thanks

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I have had a sand sifting star for about 3 months now. I already have to trade him in cause it's just getting too big. They are cool stars though and they keep your sand nicely.... well... sifted. I have a 15 long by the way. I would only get one if it is really small. Otherwise you'll be returning it in a few months. I would go with a small serpent or brittle star. At least they like rockwork and will have more room. Sand sifting stars pretty much don't leave the sand, so whatever sand you have open in your tank... thats about all they will get for space. Typically not much in a nano. A sand sifter wont really rid you of your algae, more or less just keep it stirred up, which would help. They just eat detritus and waste below the sands surface. If you find a small one and want to try it out for a bit to clean up and then trade it in later I would say definatey do not get more than one.

hope that helps...

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I say this all the time but ppl dont seem to believe me (or at least chime in)...DIAMOND GOBY for algae probs on the sand for bigger tanks (which includes 29g)...D-I-A-M-O-N-D G-O-B-Y...they will sift your entire sand bed 3 times before any normal invert sand sifter finishes with just one corner.


They are dedicated sand sifters and cleared my sand bed which was covered in brown algae within 24 hours...


Make sure your rocks are securely touching the floor of your tank tho b/c he will burrow and move sand around.


Notice the pristine white sand?




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Thanks for the good ideas. I'm thinin about a diomond goby but are they agressive twards conspecifics because i have a blue spot goby and a mandarin in my tank now.

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Your sleeper blue spot goby doesn't sift the sand? Good to know...some folks were telling me that they sift the sand just as well as diamond gobies...but now I know diamond gobies are supreme! Yeah...unfortunately, you will have some territorial battles between the diamond and blue spot goby...blah. all that diamond goby advocacy for nothing.

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yea its the strangest thing, i have never really seen my goby do any sand sifting, hes pretty lazy. o well if he doesn't start pullin his weight i might swap him for a diomond or somthing. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.

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I have a big electric blue hermit in my fuge...he turns the sand over pretty well. Between him and the tuxedo urchin, they keep my fuge free of all but macro algae.

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Fighting conch snail. Cerith snail. diamond goby, jaw fish goby, watchman goby, spotted hawk fish ( if you have an ample supply of bristle worms that is he will turn the sand bed over searching for them to eat), certain serpent stars, pistol shrimp, sand sifter stars (SMALL ONES!!!) will all sift the sand and pick at algae.

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