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more equipment questions


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The best hobby grade test kits are made by Salifert and LaMotte, but for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate Seachem or even Aquarium Pharmaceuticals should be fine.


The Salifert tests cost more, but they are worth it. They are certainly the most accurate in my opinion. Only trouble is, no LFS around my area stocks the Salifert test, so I always have to order them on the net.


Powerheads - I use Aquarium Systems 'Micro-Jet' 450. They're VERY small and easy maintenance. I have also have used the AZOO 180...again very small, about the same size as the Micro-Jets. I only use one because I have other sources of turbulence in my reef... (aquaclear 200 & CPR BakPak skimmer)


Livesand - I dunno. I don't use it.

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go look at premium aquatics again and go to their live sand, they've got quite a selection, it all depends on wut color u like, but sum of it will buffer your PH so watch out;)

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